Every time you buy a jar of tea from Lorien Leaf Alchemy, we sponsor the planting of a tree in Europe in partnership with One Tree Planted.  Europe has lost more than half of its forests, but thanks to rewilding efforts aimed at restoring eco systems and encouraging community connection to the land, work is steadily being done to heal this tragedy.  And YOU are now part of it, so remember that when you sip your cuppa...savor, breathe, and be magickal.


Countless hours and much trial and error was put into selecting, sourcing, and designing the packaging of our tea blends, but the goal was always the same: reusable, compostable, ethical, and aesthetically pleasing.  The pride and joy of our packaging is the seed paper label!  Each label is cut by hand, negating the massive waste of sticker label backing and machine cutting, and is embedded with wildflower seeds that are certified safe for anywhere in the US and many countries abroad.  It feels so right to honor Mother Earth with this full circle return to the earth as you sip a new leafy brew.  Simply tear up the label, plant under 1/8" soil, water generously, and place in a spot with plenty of sun.