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Lorien Leaf

Hygge Bloom Loose Leaf Tea

Hygge Bloom Loose Leaf Tea

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Our year-round bestseller, the Hygge line is coziness in a cup.  Each season features a new celebrate winter, juniper berries take center stage amid a backdrop of smooth black tea, chocolate covered cacao nibs, vanilla bean, and cinnamon.  

*Every ingredient has been carefully sourced for integrity and sustainability, utilizing local herbalists and suppliers wherever possible.  Sometimes ingredients are even grown or wildcrafted ourselves.  

Ingredients: organic Ceylon, organic Darjeeling, organic lavender, organic cacao nibs, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla bean, organic vanilla essence.

CLASSIC JAR: 30 servings of loose leaf tea, packaged with eco elegance in an amber glass jar, black metal lid, seed paper label, and our signature wax seal. This tea may be enjoyed iced or hot. Full instructions included on the packaging.

PETITE JAR: 6-8 servings of loose leaf tea in an adorable mini version of our classic jar, complete with the seed paper label and wax seal.  Perfect for sampling or gifting.


For every classic jar of tea purchased, we are sponsoring the planting of a tree in Europe via One Tree Planted.

Crafted by hand with love and intention in New Hampshire.

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